Performance 01 Raw Color

Performance 01 - Raw Color is the concrete manifestation of a dream that conquers life.

In order to understand this performance it is necessary to use emotion, rather than any kind of concept, as its analytical criterion.

I came to know the Dolci family when I was just past my adolescence.

Before then I rejected color and expressed myself only through black and white.

I was enchanted by the amazing simplicity of a family rooted in handling material.

I saw in this antique characteristic an intellectual strength that is more than ever contemporary and visionary.

Working with the aesthetics of materials even before employing techniques, with all the spontaneity of enthusiasm and talent.

This propulsive and evolved characteristic convinced me, not to plan a painting, but to allow my instincts their freedom.

What better possibility than a factory that handles primary materials for manifesting the dreamlike and secret side of my feelings, guided only by the emotion of being able to enter the paradise of color in order to find my freedom?

Performance 01 - Raw Color is improvisation.

The choice of the two canvases and their size was casual, instinctive. The support for them during the performance was constructed by Giuliano Dolci just a few hours before the beginning of the performance.

In just a few hours there appeared two wings of dense chromatic material, vivid in their quantum-like character and brightened by their own self-determination.

Two large wings do not need any kind of explanation. They can only induce one.

Federico Ferrarini.

Foto & Video by , Original music by

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